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There are many common problems a dressmaker can solve. You might not even be aware that such products exist, because your local stores don't sell them. Often, a dressmaker can obtain these products for you, or already has them among his/her supplies!

Problem: Bra straps that show under a tank or thin-strapped garment.

Solutions: You can have a bra built into your dress, attach clear or matching fabric straps to your exisiting bra, or use this very simple product to hold them in place with minimal sewing.

This is a great, easy way to get your bra strap to stay put! Click on the photo to go to the website.

Problem: You're at an event and can't get to a drycleaner for hours. Someone has stained a valuable dry-clean only garment, or you are afraid they will...

Solution: A professional stain kit, with portable, safe, easy-to-use, stain-specific drycleaning solutions and instructions.

Stain kit
Click on the photo to go to the website.

Problem: Your outfit won't stay put, or is a bit more revaling than you planned. You're afraid to dance, for fear of flashing everyone around you!

Solution: Like the movie stars use, double-stick body tape.

Hollywood Fashion Tape
Click on the photo to go to the website.

Problem: You want to be a designer, and have no idea what type of professional you need.

Solution: This book is the answer. It will tell you all you need to know to get started.

Designer-Entrepreneur book
Click on the photo to go to the website, and order the book.

You have probably reached this site because you have a project in mind, and are searching for someone who can execute your vision. The list on this site was created to help you find that professional. Please be advised that this site is neither an endorsement nor a guarantee, but a listing of professionals and their stated credentials and specialties.

If you would like to know more about selecting a dressmaker, visit the frequently asked questions section of this site or the Association of Sewing and Sewing Professionals website, and you will find more tips there. Many of those listed on this site are members of this and other organizations, and we encourage any custom dressmakers and alterationists to consider the appropriate organization for your skills as well.

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