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You established designers know what you need. Your time is valuable, so just send me a quick email to tell me what you are looking for.

New designers need many different services. If you are planning production, you will need professional services. The fashion world can be very dificult to navigate, and it is very easy to waste precious time, money, and effort. Your best preparation is research, quality service providers, and strong relationships. To learn more about starting a clothing or other sewn product line, read The Guide to Starting a Fashion Company.

Join the Fashion Incubator discussion group.

Contact a sewing and related services contractor. A good patternmaker can be found by following this link, and a good example of a contractor can be found by following this link.

Get sourcing information by visiting or contacting New York City's Fashion Kiosk.

Do your research by visiting quality libraries and/or museums. Some suggestions are The Fashion Bookstore in Los Angeles, or the FIT booksore, not to mention endless online resources and bookstores scattered across the globe.

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